There are four main types of Ragworm used as sea fishing bait in the UK. These are:

Ragworm - I suppose we could call these 'Standard Ragworm'. These are the browny-red worms that are available in abundance in many places. They are easily dug at low tide, once their beds have been located. With two pincers that can nip an unwary angler, they need to be treated with a little bit of respect!

King Ragworm - these are similar to the standard ragworm that you might dig or buy in most tackle shops but, as the name suggests, are enormous in size.

White Ragworm - an absolute dream bait that will catch just about anything that swims. White ragworm are, funnily enough, white. These are a prized bait and extremely hard to dig in numbers in most places.

Harbour Ragworm - also known as 'maddies', these are smaller ragworm that frequent harbours. They are fiddly baits, but can usually be located in numbers and fished in bunches.

Artificial Ragworm - okay, there's a 5th type! Rubber ragworms can be deadly on their day, especially when used on the drift or tipped off with some fresh bait. It's handy to keep a pack in your tackle box. You just never know when an artificial ragworm will come in handy!